Monday, January 4, 2010

Another Year, Another Beginning

Well, I had hoped to write a little more often during the holiday break, especially since I got a new laptop (squee!). But of course all my plans were hectic and in my spare moments, I took naps. However, the new year has begun and although I don't believe in New Year Resolutions (only life resolutions), I'm eager for a fresh start with some time to create more art. I'll be posting pictures within the next few days, but I have my book press all ready, a new jewelry piece complete, and many blank canvases beckoning me.

I also suddenly have my remodeled attic back since our house guests have departed. I've already started moving my art supplies up there and need to start thinking about planning everything else. I'm excited to have the new space but not yet ready to put a lot of time into it since I'm still exhausted from the holidays. Maybe next weekend.

I'm a little bummed that the holidays are over. I love this time of year, even when the holiday drivers are driving ME nuts. It always seems like the only time of year when people are thinking about everyone else instead of themselves. People gripe and complain about all this shopping not being a part of Christmas or Hanukkah and I suppose I understand their point of view. But I don't see it as consumerism. I see it as people trying to please those they love but honoring them with a gift. So when I get annoyed at all the traffic, I just think about what they are trying to accomplish instead of how they are delaying me. They are trying to make someone else happy. And after Christmas Day, that feeling just seems to be gone. At least until next year.

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