Thursday, January 7, 2010

Inspiration by Poe

So I'm finally showing off my book press! The photo isn't the best (my camera batteries were about to die) but you can see the basics. Hubby made it for me and all that's left is cutting some other woodblocks for different sizes. The edges of these in the photo need sanded a little bit. But I've already got a textblock in there! I'll also need to make a couple with brass edges for nipping, but these are good for now.

I also completed the monstrous text right before the holidays so I will share a few photos with you. I hope the recipient enjoys the final product. I chose a lovely blue cloth and although I wasn't able to sew real endbands on, I think it still looks nice. It matches my guest room too! I have another great pic of it with the bedspread material looking beautiful in the background. Maybe I'll put that up soon as well.

I've got about another hour to go "play" in my new art studio before thinking about bed (I am bound and determined to go to bed early tonight, much earlier than our usual 1 AM). I'm either going to brainstorm from some scrap paper and cloth or work on a few shadow portraits. We viewed the Poe exhibit at the Baltimore Museum of Art during the holidays and they were selling cute little shadow portraits in faux vintage frames in the gift shop. I wasn't about to pay as much as they wanted for something I could do myself, however. Especially when I can personalize it for our family! I'm very excited to find frames that I can doctor up to look more vintage than they really are. I also drooled over the woodcut print of the Raven by Val Lucas. So beautiful but I just couldn't afford to buy it. It would have looked amazing in my living room though! I saw it online before we visited and didn't realize they would be for sale at the museum. Don't pass it up if you get a chance to purchase one!

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