Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hubby as Inspiration

Today we had a great deal of snow and hubby and I spent the day together since I didn't feel it would be safe to drive my usual 35-40 minute commute. I also had a bit of a sore throat so it seemed a wise decision. Naturally, while I could've been productive, especially in the craft department, I wasn't. But I found an unexpected source of inspiration in my hubby. As some of you know, he is in the computer programming field. Over the holidays, he recognized some skills that he hadn't used since college and decided to brush up on them. One way that he plans on doing this is by entering programming contests that are posted online. It forces him to create new code using....uh, things?....that he hasn't in quite a while and in the process, he could potentially win some prize money and gain some exposure.

While we were sitting here reading (me)/working on the computer (hubby) and listening to the Pogues station on Pandora, I realized that I should do something similar. I constantly wish I had "assignments" like in art class because it was far easier for me to be creative when I had some limitations. So of course I googled it (my fancy schmancy librarian education coming in good use!) and came across Craftster. What a great site! They have craft challenges about once a month it seems, which is a perfect timeline for me. The one due in February is a tote made of recycled materials. I'm going to have to scrounge the house for some ideas but I'm rather excited. Even if I decide not to participate in this challenge, there are many more to come. I enjoy having wonder I loved school.

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