Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Home Workshop

Now that there are only a few more months until our house guests depart, I have begun to fantasize about the newly remodeled attic that will become my art studio(/guest room). I've never had so much space committed solely to my work, only corners here and there. I am now faced with the dilemma of creating my home craft workshop and it's a big one indeed. I'll probably try to research it a little, see what other people have come up with but here are the issues I have identified:

  • Storage: I need a LOT of storage (doesn't everyone?). I simply cannot be productive unless I feel neat and organized. So if there are bits and pieces of projects everywhere, chances are I am walking back out the door. If there is a clean work surface and everything is put away, I feel inspired to start something new. I hate clutter. And I am absolutely choosing the word 'hate'. Plus, if everything is put away except for one project that isn't finished, I feel more inclined to finish it so that everything is cleaned up!
  • Large Work Space: I am still searching for that amazing table that is large enough for all my little piles of cloth, paper, and doodads, and yet doesn't overwhelm the space. I want a bar stool so that I am at the perfect height of the table when I sit, but the table is also the perfect height for when I stand (and I'm only 5 feet tall). I want it to have character; scratches and gouges that show someone else loved it before I got my hands on it. I want a table similar to this for my back porch (it will be my potting table) and I saw one at an antique store for only $100 but sadly didn't have the cash or the proper vehicle to haul it off.
  • Lighting: I have a good bit of natural lighting in the remodeled space that I plan to use, especially for photographs of my work. But there are a few corners that are dim and I need to find the perfect lamp that will be at a good height and not overheat the area.
  • Spatial Organization: My biggest issue will be working around the "guest room" role of the room. The bedroom area will be staying where it is and unfortunately, that's the best area for a work table. I'll need to finagle something, though, without making the room seem cluttered or else (as mentioned) I won't use it.
What are your thoughts on a home workspace? If you have one, what did you consider when setting it up? If you don't, what would you like in a workspace?

This is an example of the table I want so badly, made of out wood planks and a little beat up. Image is from www.furniturehomedesign.com

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