Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"He that communicates his secret to another makes himself that other's slave." ~Baltasar Gracian

September seems to be a big, crazy month for me and my calendar indicates that October will be much the same. I'm trying to hold onto a few weekends for yard work and outdoor projects that need to be completed before the cold weather hits. Unfortunately, Mother Nature seems to have decided fall should arrive early, judging by the high of mid 60s tomorrow. I do love fall, it's my absolute favorite season. But I'm just not quite ready to move the plants indoors, cut down a few in my yard, and re-mulch some areas. Just not feeling it.

What I AM excited about is a tidbit of good news that has come my way. Now, don't be angry, but I can't share it with you just yet (I'm hoping it's soon); so for now, you just get a tease. I promise I will share as soon as I'm allowed. *squee*

I've also decided that my blog needs a quick ramp-up (and by blog, I mean me) and so I'm determined to post everyday for a week, starting today. My weekend may get a bit complicated considering that I'm traveling out-of-state for a camping/climbing trip during which I may have no cell service for my smartphone. But I'll make do (I could always work ahead and have Blogger post it at the stroke of midnight!).

For today, I'll leave you with a teaser of my news and these gorgeous images below. Since fall is approaching, I was reminded of these pictures I took in late spring very early in the morning. Hubby and I got up early for a trip and I stepped outside to get the paper. Lo and behold, spiders had enchanted nearly every surface of my front porch on this foggy morning. Too bad they can't come back and do it for Halloween!

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