Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I feel myself at an intersection of a crossroads. I know which way I want to go (ultimately), but I've been on the other path for so long. Do I really want to forge the other direction? No one else I know has gone down that path, it looks quite overgrown. Am I ready to travel it? I'm likely as prepared as I'll ever be, but the other path looks enjoyable in a different way. Instead of spending time clearing the path, I can just enjoy the view.

I have the opportunity to participate in my first artist and crafters' show. Irwin has numerous festivals throughout the summer months. A few are free for me to participate in, but the biggest one is only $25 for registration. I'm not sure if I'm ready but it feels like putting it off for another year would be too long. I know how I operate. I start projects, new ideas, entertain ideas. And then I move on to the next one (usually) before finishing the previous. I've been lax on spending time creating the handmade books, crafts, and art pieces and I can always find a reason why I can't do it. I certainly don't have a backup supply prepared for this show in June. I would have to spend a good bit of time in the next 6 or 7 weeks making lots of books and objects! I'm capable of it, I know that. When I focus on it, I can do them. And maybe I need that motivation to give me a kick in the butt. But what if I don't have enough product? I have no way to gauge what I'd need, not sure how to arrive at my price points. I need time to research what should be prepared. Should I just jump in with both feet and give it a go? I don't want to ruin my business' name if things don't go well, but at least I'm a small business and would have other opportunities?

At the heart of it, I'm also afraid of failure. So far, it's been a little side hobby that I've relegated it to. I chose a name, made business cards, had a few clients and donated my services. But those are all small. If I fail, I can look back and say, well, I was just messing around really. It's not like I tried to do it full-time or even part-time really. No biggie. But if I really try to get enough accomplished, get a table set up, and participate as a vendor, that's it. No more playing around. If I fail, it's for real. But what defines failure? Should I set my sights low? Make back the cost of registration and call it even? Hmm. Luckily, I don't have to register until the week before the festival. Any thoughts out there?


  1. 1) If you don't have enough product, you'll sell out, recoup your entry fee and then some, and know to bring more next time.

    2) If you fail miserably (highly unlikely =), really, no one will remember - you can try again another time with no problem.

    3) I vote Do It!

    4) I'd totally come buy stuff from you if I could!

  2. Don't worry so much about failure. Worry more that you will analyze the situation so much, that you never actually do what you really desire to do. Don't get too caught up in the details, you can work out the details later. Just focus on the first step of your goal... get out there and sell some product and have a fun learning experience!