Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones...

I'm now working furiously to get as many items made as possible before June 8th (the deadline for registration). Of course, my every hope is that all my items will sell out (but mostly last the entire 5 hours) so I'm really trying to put my usual amount of effort into each book so that not a single client gets short-changed. I made my list and I'm chugging away at it...I haven't decided on final numbers, but I plan on having some blank/lined journals and or sketchbooks; a few of my Bookbag creations (which take the most time thus far); some decorated copies of popular novels that are no longer under copyright protection (e.g. The Secret Garden, Pride and Prejudice, etc.); and a few leather-bound journals/sketchbooks that I will be burning or tooling my own designs into. I'm quite excited about this last one even though I've never done it. I've had enough of a variety of crafting experiences that I think I can manage it. :) Especially when I just need to read up on it and then practice! I'll be making a trip to a leather supply company that's local this weekend and I don't know how I'll be able to contain myself.

I've started looking ahead at the setup and besides a prominent sign with my business title, logo, etc, I mostly need to worry about props, how it will all be set up to the best advantage, and rain protection! We have to supply our own table and chairs (which I can do) but rain cover...hmmm. I don't exactly own a large party tent. I may have to get clever. Thoughts?

Now for one last serious though that's been on my mind lately. I enjoy writing and part of the reason that I started this blog was because I like to try so many different things. It seems natural to also write about them and share my experiences, especially if someone else is considering doing it. I also hope that if someone out there is considering trying something new but doesn't know how to start, doesn't think they can manage outside of a classroom setting because that's how they are programmed to learn, doesn't have a large income at their disposal, etc (I could go on and on); I would want them to read this and think: I can do this. I can just give it a try and that's the best I can do. Why not? That should be the answer: "Why not?" I've recently felt some pressure that made me feel belittled because I'm just dabbling or won't ever be considered serious unless I'm devoted to one craft for years at a time. I was upset but ultimately, my life is about trying new things (lots of them!). There will be people who won't understand that, who see hobbies and careers in a different manner than I do. I guess that's why I'm a Jane of All Trades! I'd rather try many different things than just stick with one. And I hope other people in doubt feel bolstered by that. :) Happy hump day.

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