Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Baby Gonzo Halloween Costume: Overalls

 I finally finished the first part of the Baby Gonzo costume after some weeks of working on it here and there. Originally the plan was to find a free overalls pattern but there weren't any online that matched up with what I was looking for. And I didn't want to try it on my own just yet. So I found a pdf download on Etsy. It did the job, although parts of it could have been written or drawn a little clearer. I figured it out but it would have saved me a little bit of time. The pattern does have many sizes, so as Rory grows, I can make her lots of overalls!

The pieces were, mostly, straightforward but there were a couple of tricky areas. One was sewing the snaps in the bottom so that I can change her diaper easier! The other was sewing the buttonholes. I've always done them by hand (poorly) but I used my sewing machine this time. Oh my goodness! How wonderful! I will never sew buttonholes by hand again! The snaps were another story...I've tried them in the past with the little hammer tool with no success. I decided to give it another shot and I failed again. Perhaps the fabric layers were too thick for the teeth on the snaps? No matter. I had to find sew-on snaps and I had a lovely 'duh' moment in Joann's. I was confused why the package had only the plug part and not the sockets. I spent WAY too much time staring at all the snaps packages, trying to fit them in other snaps, until I finally asked the woman working with the sewing machines. And she showed me that the pieces are already snapped together in the package. I would've figured it out eventually when I got them home! But they were much easier to put in.

Finally, Camila the chicken! Well, baby chick. Gonzo has a little chicken applique on the front of his overalls. I sketched it up and made my own pieces out of felt and fleece. The butt feathers are a little skinny but oh well. So what do you all think? Close to the original? It will probably still be a little long and wide on her but once she has the rest of the costume on, that will fill some of the bulk. I've started on the next part (blue furry body) so stay tuned!

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