Saturday, February 23, 2013

Baby Gonzo Halloween Costume, all finished!

It is much delayed (though not forgotten during that whole time...just not a priority) but here is the finished costume! Rory's first Halloween, dressed as baby Gonzo, and she slept through the whole parade.

I dressed up as Nanny, though pretty much no one knew who I was. Hubby (below) put together his costume that week as animal. This photo is right before the parade, but she fell asleep right before it started. We walked through the whole thing with her passed out! Poor gal.

In the photo below, you can get a better view of Gonzo's face (some people in the parade knew her costume right away, but some little kids called her Elmo. *sigh*) I know I took photos of just the costume, but I'm not sure where those are at the moment. And you've waited long enough!

Constructing the head took by far the longest amount of time. There was a lot of hand-sewing, hot-gluing, stuffing (for the cheeks), and generally just patience that was required. The eyes were tricky but not as much as the nose. For the mouth and the bottom half of Gonzo's face, I added snaps. That way, it would be easy to put on her and just open up the mouth if needed. I also made the entire hood snapped to the body. That way if she got hot, I didn't have to take the whole costume off, just the hood! In the picture below at her daycare party, you can see how the mouth is unsnapped.

We included Camilla, a toy wind-up chick we have for the cats to play with. Sadly, we didn't win any prizes this year. But she looked so cute! And I've kept the costume because I think I can even turn it into a puppet of sorts. So, a very belated Happy Halloween! We've already though of ideas for next year's costume, though some of them she may  be too small for. And eventually, she'll want to choose her own costume. But I'm not ready to think of that yet!

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