Saturday, August 11, 2012

Baby Gonzo Halloween Costume: Materials

Many times during a project, I often forget to take pictures until I'm halfway through or I've already completed certain steps. It's not like I'm writing tutorials so that's usually fine. And I'm just blogging for my own amusement. But since I'm really focused on sharing the Baby Gonzo costume's progress, I thought I'd share what materials I'm planning to use before I even get started.

I originally purchased a pattern for the overalls but decided to return it, confident I could find something online for free. Well, that hasn't really been the case but I've found numerous tutorials where sewers have managed to construct their own. So I'll just attempt my own pattern and see how it goes! I'm hoping that the overalls can be wearable separate from the costume (because they're so cute!), so they'll need to fit well. The red corduroy fabric will be the main overall fabric and I still need to raid my stash for a lining fabric. The scraps of yellow fleece will make the chicken applique and I found cute yellow buttons to fasten the overall straps. Little snaps will complete the legs so it's still easy to change her. :)

Now for the tricky part: Gonzo's face and fur! It took me a bit to find a fabric that could work as furry muppet skin. At first, I was envisioning something a bit more...furry? Like the thick fake fur stuff. But they didn't have blue of course and I only briefly considered buying white and dying it. Then I stumbled on this blue fleecey fabric (technical terms of course!) and it felt perfect! It has just enough of a pill/nap to it that it can be interpreted as fur and it's the perfect color (cheap too!). I decided to just buy a hoodie in her size (well, the size she'll be around Halloween) and sew the blue fur to the outside of it instead of trying to make a hoodie out of it and line it, add a zipper, etc. I need to think efficient! Thus, the grey hoodie.

Now, for Gonzo's head, I'm going to use the hood as a base and then construct a 3D effect of his nose and mouth with cardboard tubes and paperboard. It need to be light enough that it's not wearing heavily on Rory's head so those materials should be perfect while retaining shape and stiffness. I'll cover the nose, face, and mouth interior with the felt pieces I have displayed (light blue, black, red, pink). As for his eyes, I found the perfect size styrofoam balls. I'll paint the dark iris part and then for his eyelids, I have the felt bits I can use. I want it to really seem like a muppet, not just looking like one. I may even cover the ball with white felt first, use black felt for the eye, and felt for the eyelid. Then it will seem even more like a muppet. Also (and it might be hard to see up there next to the light blue felt and hoodie), I needed to find something to make the little feathers that stick up from Gonzo's head. Luckily, there was a little feathery accent piece on clearance at Joann's that I can snip some from and hot glue on. Hooray!

Last but not least, Gonzo's shoes. Rory may or may not be wearing shoes yet (she has narrow, long feet which are hard to find baby shoes for), but she'll need them to match the costume appropriately. The white and yellow felts in the upper left corner will be used to construct a shoe coverup to match Gonzo's costume.

And so far that's the plan! I need to double-check old episodes of Muppet Babies to see if there are any details on the back of Gonzo's overalls. And now I'm eager to get started with the actual sewing!


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  2. Wow, what a cute idea for a costume!! And the overalls turned out so cute! Can't wait to see the finished version!!