Sunday, July 29, 2012

Halloween can never come soon enough...

Hubby and I (OK, mostly I) are extremely excited for Rory's first Halloween. I've been vetting costume ideas for a couple weeks in my head since I know I need to get started soon. I'll invariably choose something that requires a great deal of work and would rather not realize I'm screwed around October 15th. Our town also has a Halloween parade with prizes and I wanted to choose something that we could perhaps turn into a family themed costume.

After considering the usual cute baby costumes (a pumpkin, a teddy bear, a duck, and so on), I tried to think of something unique that would represent our tastes. And what better than the Muppets? (Seriously, if you don't know me, I'm crazy about the Muppets) I debated on which Muppet to make Rory (Fozzie is cute and fluffy, Gonzo is quirky, Animal is off-the-wall but recognizable, Kermit is too common, and Miss Piggy is just out of the picture). I would also have to choose one and really, I don't have a favorite. I like them all! And hubby could care less, as long as I dress him up.

And then I remembered Muppet Babies - what a perfect costume for Rory! I could be Nanny because it's super easy and I won't have time to go crazy on mine. The dilemma was which baby should Rory be? Fozzie, again, is adorable and fairly well-known so I don't think most people would assume she's a teddy bear (at least, I hope not). But baby Gonzo is just ADORABLE with his tiny red overalls and baby chicken (Camilla) that he carries around. In the end, the red overalls won me over and the excitement over replicating blue fur and Gonzo's nose. Baby Gonzo it is! And the overalls will still be able to be worn after Halloween. Win-win!

Hubby's costume was a little trickier to decide because he's not exactly a baby....for now, Scooter fits his personality best and we'll see if I have time to worry about his. We can certainly make it simpler than Rory's costume (find a shirt with the right colored stripes and hubby can wear his glasses, make his hair stick up a little or find a beanie).

I'll post pictures as I work on the baby Gonzo costume so you all can see how it's going!

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