Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The (Warm) Holiday Season

Hubby and I have been doing a lot of traveling lately. It seems that we are beginning our year (and nice weather) everywhere except home! Within a month's time, we will have been in Philly, Cleveland, Baltimore/Annapolis, and New York City. I'm going to want to stay home for quite a bit and get started on our spring projects!

Passover began last night at sundown and while at our family seder, I contemplated some of the holiday's messages. Passover commemorates the biblical event of the Hebrews' escape from enslavement in Egypt. Sacrifices are made (such as not eating leavened bread) to ultimately keep in mind the freedom that we now have. Similar to Easter, I think of the freedom we now have because of past suffering and of the rebirth that spring represents for us. Looking ahead through 2010, I'm excited for the changes we'll be making and things we will be sacrificing in order to do what's best for our family (particularly financially).

The exterior of our home will be getting a (partial) overhaul to represent our own taste and style. Since we can't replace the awful-looking brown siding just yet, I'm going to pick out a complimentary shade of blue for some of the trim and stucco pieces. Anything to brighten it up! We will also begin landscaping some of the yard, particularly the front. I already started adding flowers last fall!

A few bird feeders will go up (we only have one so far and I'm waiting for the cats to start fighting over the 2 windows that overlook it) as well as a fence around the back yard! I'm very VERY excited about the latter, considering the number of children constantly in our yard and their tendency to pick flowers. We also finally hung the porch swing we bought last fall at my aunt's church auction. A local craftsman made it and it's just beautiful. It was delivered when the cold weather started so we are finally getting a chance to use it. Three large adults can fit (maybe even 4 small ones!). I'm still debating if I should make a cushion for it. I might just make a couple cute pillows.

Especially after this snowy winter, I think everyone is very appreciative of spring this year and looking forward to a warm, colorful season. What are you looking forward to? Happy holidays everyone!

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