Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm coming out of hibernation! You'd think that with all the snow we had, I'd have written quite a bit about whatever artsy endeavors I undertook. But oddly, I slept...a lot. And played with the cats. Watched the Olympics. Etc. Nothing really involving any bookbinding or crafting. I did manage to sew the second window seat cushion. Yay!

But I have been in a baking mood and I want to share another blogger's creative idea that I decided to try. I find quite a number of creative ideas through Twitter and this one is no exception. Heather Baird of Sprinkle Bakes posted the lovely Mehndi-inspired gingerbread cookies she made for a friend. I loved this idea so much that I made a few for some friends that live far away from me, decorated them with some lotus flowers and mandalas, and sent them off! Mine turned out well, but check out Heather's on her blog. Amazing creativity! I don't always look at food that way --maybe I should turn my crafting eye to that media once in a while.

Another great baking idea that's been around for a while is cake in a jar. I haven't had a chance yet to try these out (I'm going to get some small Mason jars soon) but showcases them in a post from last August. I absolutely LOVE cake so never fear, I will attempt these soon. I'll take pictures (of course!) and maybe you'll get one in the mail :) Suggestions for flavors?

Finally, one last blog post that I can't wait to try myself (look away librarians!) is the ruffly book wreath from Living with Lindsay. I'm going to get a beat-up book from Goodwill, one that I would never willingly read because it's not that good (I won't embarrass any authors out there by letting you know which one I choose). As a pseudo-preservation librarian, how can I willingly destroy a book you ask? Well, let me put it this way. I think everything should have a purpose. I don't really like to buy knicknacks and trinkets because I don't really need them. I also don't like the idea of having to put things in storage that I never use because in actuality I don't need them then, do I? For me, a book that has had a good life but is going to sit on a shelf in Goodwill until it either gets tossed or recycled will have a better life as a ruffly book wreath on my wall. By repurposing it, I've given it a new life.

I have to point out the merits of Twitter. If you know how to use it properly, you can discover a wealth of ideas out there that I don't have time to Google, or frankly wouldn't even think of to Google. If you want some ideas on crafters to follow, I'd gladly share. Or check out my Follow Friday (Twitter name is tempermiranda).

Lastly, in other news I will be creating a few more of the Recycled Bookbag that I loved so much (see my earlier post) before I list them on Etsy (a site that is getting a tad too crowded but it's the best site I've got). I should be sewing the hymnal and posting pics as well. Happy Monday!

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