Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me. ~C.S. Lewis

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It's been a tough month for blogging, although I've had many projects I'm working on and my digital camera is loaded with pictures I'm itching to share. I just wish I didn't have to have my laptop with me to share them! It always happens that when I get a spare minute or snapped a great picture, I don't have the laptop with me to put my SD card in. But I'm working on it, I swear. :)

We've moved my brother into college (and he's doing swell) and this week is the "let's all adjust to not having him, even the poor cats" week. We all miss him but fall is chugging along and it's the last day in August! My fall plans are arriving quickly (many trips and activities that I will indeed share with you). I've also been working on a preservation project but again, can't upload photos this minute so maybe later in the week. :D AND (I'm so excited) we're going to Philly this weekend for the wedding of two of the most wonderful people in the world. I'm totally going to sob. But hopefully not during my Irish blessing reading. :D

And Starbucks has been taunting me with their advertisements for the upcoming pumpkin spice latte. Which just puts food on the brain and so this week I have the urge to make cinnamon scones from this recipe, accompanied by pumpkin butter from this recipe. Yum! I know I won't have time, but it's so tempting...

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