Thursday, July 21, 2011

Library Day in the Life, Round 7

Denver Public Library
On a red eye flight from Denver to Charlotte to Pittsburgh, what else would I be doing except writing/reading? It’s too dark for me to read the cataloging book I brought (nor do I wish to subject my sleepy neighbors with the exceedingly bright “personal” lights). And frankly, I can’t get comfortable enough to sleep for more than 5 minutes at a time. I love flying at night when most passengers are asleep, the cabin is dim, and the hum of the plane resembles white noise, lulling me into a relaxing semi-coma. Perfect time to write, eh?

This day and a half trip for a disaster response conference (Denver Leadership Institute for Alliance for Response) was certainly filled to the brim with an incredible amount of knowledge. My brain is still processing it all and I’m not quite ready to type up all my notes (thus the blogging). A full night of sleep will have to happen first! 

Though exceedingly short, my first trip to Denver has left me eager to return. My views of the Rockies were limited to the Capitol steps instead of a much-desired hike. The neighborhoods were a unique mix of architecture, young hipsters on bicycles frequenting vegan cafes, well-dressed businessmen on mopeds, and cowboys flying by in pick-up trucks. Though I was initially surprised by the high number of homeless people (forgive me if there is a more PC term for them), I found Denver to be friendly with few concerns for personal safety.

Don't you want to feed a book into it?
Our conference venue was the Denver Public Library, one of the most beautiful libraries I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. The architecture stuns from the outside AND inside, with grand entryways and lovely woodwork throughout. The dedicated spaces to specific collection materials were each impressive for their unique designs. I particularly enjoyed their return system! My colleague and I were tempted to pick up a book just to try it out. 

Mural in conference room
The conference facilities were neither overwhelming nor claustrophobic, with convenient kitchen amenities attached for food services. The mural in our particular room was stunning with a touch of Denver’s history and culture. Indeed, the public art displays throughout the city were like pieces of Denver’s history, scattered about for each visitor to collect. A shame that we didn’t have more time to explore them. 

When our meetings ended late afternoon, we managed to catch a view of the mountains from the Capitol steps and, of course, stand at the Mile High Marker (both the old and scientifically-correct new ones). Dinner at a trendy vegetarian cafĂ© was excellent and no trip for librarians could be complete without a trip to a bookstore! 

Mile High Marker (correct one)
View from Capitol steps

Wall art at Watercourse Foods

Tattered Cover Bookstore, Colfax Ave.

Thanks for hosting us, Denver! I hope to return soon.

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  1. I grew up in Denver and miss it so much. The pictures make me homesick. Denver is the best city in the world!

    Just to let you know, the bums are typically migratory. They bus south for the winter.