Friday, May 6, 2011

"Entre el mar y una estrella..."

The rock is actually the top of a cliff at the ruins at Tulum. There are stairs to climb down and swim. There are many iguanas like this one taking a nap in the sun. But they move quick if you get too close!
"...Seguirás estando al filo de mis venas." ~Marco Flores, sung by Thalía

(Between the sea and a star, you'll still be in my veins)

Well, hello May! I know it still seems like early April, but I guess summer should be around the corner. Tell that to my poor plants outside!

Labná ruins

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, a not-so-big-deal in Mexico that celebrates their victory at the Battle of Puebla over the French in 1862. Of course, it's a little important in the state of Puebla. Contrary to American belief, it is not their independence day, which is in September. We had a mini party here at work, which really consisted of basic decorations I made, taco fixings, and guacamole. You can't do anything Mexico related without guacamole (or aguacate as my familia mexicana calls it).

It's holidays like these that make me miss that gorgeous country filled with a lot of history, tasty food, and amiable people. In fact, that's how you compliment someone in a roundabout "thank you". You would say, "gracias, muy amable". As in thank you, you are so helpful and friendly. Although it may sound a little bit like our "I'm fine, how are you?" in which we don't always care to hear the answer even though we are expected to respond that way, it's more heartfelt somehow. 

It has now been four years since I've been back and those years seem so long ago. But hopefully, within the next few years, we'll make it back to visit some of our favorite places.

Carnaval! Our hotel owners in Isla Mujeres invited us to be in the parade on their float.

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