Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"I like not only to be loved..."

"...but also to be told I am loved." ~George Eliot

Happy Valentine's Day! Whether it's a holiday you love or dread, who couldn't use a little more love and appreciation? I wanted to share the photos of how my cheery strand of crochet hearts has brightened up my office space.

I recently started redecorating my office area since I was very tired of the dull grey shades that pervade it. I, of course, can't paint the walls or anything of that nature, so I have to do what I can with accessories. And no real plants (we ARE preservation!) so you'll only see fake flowers. The hearts turned out to be PERFECT for adding a sweet touch to my bare white wall. I tire of having my office look like a college dorm room with posters taped up but there is little else I can do. Luckily, these hearts have given me new inspiration. I'm already working on designing a strand of shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day. If you look closely at this photo on the left, you may notice an orange splatter-like stain on the grey backboard. I can't help but notice it and it's the unfortunate result of hosting a open-door event that serves hot cider. Hot cider that was allowed to boil over onto the backboard, wall, and desk. Also, it dripped into my purse and ruined a number of items. That was two years ago and there is no way to remove the stain from the backboard. My newest solution is to buy a piece of fabric that I can cover it with (removable still, of course) and voila! No more grey and no more cider stain! You'll get a chance to see it if my shamrock strand turns out.

I've also added in my papasan chair for comfy lunch breaks and a window ledge that is far from blah with a few knicknacks and some of my own artwork (you'll see my glass blown pumpkin and the birdhouse that I haven't shown to you yet). The bookcase/table on the left is one I will take home eventually to add new shelves and paint.

Hubby and I celebrated Valentine's Day this year by spending some time together, having a lovely dinner (and I discovered an EXCELLENT wine of which I had to immediately order 2 bottles), and exchanging gifts both purchased and homemade. Some years I'm not much in the mood for being "forced" to celebrate my coupledom, but this year I was more than happy to. I've also suddenly developed an obsession for hearts... The clothes I will be donning for the Lady Gaga concert in two weeks has many hearts incorporated into the outfit.

And for those of us who've been suffering bitter cold temperatures (this past week reached below zero temps again and caused many school delays), the week is starting out with 50 degrees and sunshine! I can't think of a better way to start the week. Oh, and plus the cupcakes I baked for work. :) All this greenery in my office has me longing for spring.

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