Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ah, childhood (and teenage) dreams...

(originally posted Feb. 23rd 2008)

So I have this list. And this list comprises all of the things I would like to accomplish prior to my demise. It has a lot of locations to which I would like to travel, it has activities like sail down the eastern US coast and publishing my own novel. I am currently writing a paper for an archives advocacy and ethics course, which means I am blasting all of the music I own and eating lemon zest biscotti dipped in green tea. While singing along to some tunes, I remembered a passion I had as a child and a teenager, which was to be a singer, a country singer in particular (silly, I know--especially since I live nowhere near the south and nor do I live on a farm, or ever have for that matter). But some small part of me says that I can relate to it. I suppose now I have to put on my list to be a lead singer of a country music band. And the funny thing is I feel very passionate about that. New career choice? Sadly, I wouldn't say my voice is ready for that.

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